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Sis, Stop it

We all saw the 1.1 million views that Brandy and Monica got on Verzuz Aug 31. We also know about the conflict that went on between them that we saw nicely addressed during the Verzuz through constant positivity and solidarity being shown during the show, and we casually danced, sang, and tweeted about these two […]


If you stay up to date with today’s slang, you know about the term SIMP, which is an acronym that I highly disapprove of because of the embedded misogyny and stupidity. In general, the word means when one partner, mainly a man, is overly nice, giving, etc. to anther person when the other person, mainly […]

Menstrual Mental Health

In light of a time where Black women and non-binary beings with roots in Black womanhood are stepping up for a plethora of social justice issues from the murder of Black hetero-cis-gendered and LGBTQ+ people to environmental issues. In this fight a lot of Black non-binary beings and Black women are still being ostracized when […]


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