Don’t just love Black women when it is convenient for you. Being a SAP for Black women is about being a true ally to Black women (photo by Aura Shakhar).

If you stay up to date with today’s slang, you know about the term SIMP, which is an acronym that I highly disapprove of because of the embedded misogyny and stupidity. In general, the word means when one partner, mainly a man, is overly nice, giving, etc. to anther person when the other person, mainly a woman is not being giving, nice, and loving at all. Essentially, SIMPs are people who are acting as significant others to other people that are not interested in them. On behave of many Black women across the globe, I want to introduce the acronym SAP to replace SIMP.

There has been out cry across the country for many years. Black women are still fighting to get the Support, Amplification, and Protection that we deserve. Instead of shaming people for being SIMPs let’s start shaming people for not being SAPs. SAPs are people who are Supporters, Protectors, and Amplifiers of marginalized groups especially Black women, and they are genuine allies.

Like the term “SIMP” the word “sappy” is something that has already been used to describe something that’s romantic, full of love, and for those reasons often are described foolishly as feminine. Many men were described as sappy for showing the basic human affection to their girlfriends in the name of hyper-masculinity just as men today are called simps for doing the same thing.

In mainstream media there is no question that the Black woman is the inspiration behind the aesthetic of many people across Hollywood and in the privacies of many people’s homes when the world isn’t watching. You all love us, when we are being “sassy,” “racthet,” “fashionable.” Many people sit with their mouths open admiring the confidence, power, and love that Black women naturally allude, and copy it into their lifestyles. If you ask me, you all are already saps for Black women, you are just doing it the wrong way.

Instead of over sexualizing and fetishing us let’s have conversations about why some of the people around you will watch a Black woman dance in a video for a man, but get upset when we dance for the enjoyment of ourselves and the promotion of our own music. Let’s have conversations around why sexual misbehavior is a conversation in the first place, which is because of sexual abuse against Black women. Let’s talk about how Black women are still being sexually, physically, and mentally mistreated and getting bullied about it. Let’s turn these conversations into action by becoming SAPs for Black women. Let’s love Black women even if it’s not “convenient” for us.

We must support Black women not just when we are at our breaking point, but when we are doing well, thriving, and feeling ourselves. We must amplify Black women when we are asking for help and when we are quietly and humbly working our Black Girl Magic: doing our natural talents, fighting on the front lines of crisis, taking care of relationships and families. Most importantly, we have to protect Black women so that Black women feel safe enough to live, speak, love, make mistakes, and be human beings.

#SAPForBlkWomen and become a real ally.

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