Menstrual Mental Health

Image taken from Talk Space

In light of a time where Black women and non-binary beings with roots in Black womanhood are stepping up for a plethora of social justice issues from the murder of Black hetero-cis-gendered and LGBTQ+ people to environmental issues. In this fight a lot of Black non-binary beings and Black women are still being ostracized when we are also in need of help fighting the things that oppress us despite us fighting for the well being of everyone around us. For those who menstruate this can be detrimental to our mental and physical health.

According to a study by Strine, approximately 19 percent or 2,267 out of the 11,933 women surveyed in the united states, ages 18–55 years, reported experiencing menstrual related problems (e.g., heavy bleeding, bothersome cramping, or premenstrual syndrome [PMS]).

Some of these menstrual related problems like bothersome cramps have been reported to be as painful as a heart attack, so couple that with a feeling of menstrual depression and ostracization from a society we are constantly fighting for: what do you think you will get?

According to the same study, these women who’ve experienced menstrual related bodily problems were significantly more likely than those without menstrual-related problems to report frequent anxiety and depression, insomnia, excessive sleepiness, and pain over the past 12 months. They were also significantly more likely to report feeling sad, nervous, restless, hopeless, or worthless during the past 30 day.

In a country where Black women and nonbinary beings are seen as the heroes of america, what are you all doing to us, and how is this affecting the Black non-binaries and women who menstruate? Why are you all constantly pushing us to the margins while we are still working tirelessly to clean up the mess white people made?

In the words of Ayanna Pressley on this weeks “The Root Institute” video conference, “[Black Women] continue to be at the front of every existential threat to this country.”

Check on Black women and nonbinary beings who menstruate. A lot of what is going on around us is hitting us a little differently than it would someone who doesn’t constantly have their natural chemicals off balance because of menstruation.

Recognize the physical, mental, and emotional pain that we are feeling constantly from the inside of our bodies to the outside of our bodies. Abolish the light skinned versus dark skinned women argument, the harassment of fat Black women and nonbinary beings, the disregard for the lives of Black women who are being killed by the police gang force, not believing Black women and nonbinary beings who report the sexual misconduct of men against them, and most importantly abolish the disregard for the Black woman’s pain.

One day the mental health of Black women will be down the drain and the pillars that hold up this country will at last be broken. Who will save you all then? Care for the non binary beings with roots and Black womanhood and Black women’s mental, physical, and spiritual health just as we have cared for all of yours.

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