The Streets are Ran by Man

By Aura Ware

I like to take late night strolls

I like to say I’ve made friends with those big ole light poles

I like the quiet arousle I hear from a distance

I like hearing the sirens in the background thinking “Phew I just missed it”

I scroll through Twitter and I see another Black face

Have you seen her ? Have you seen her ? I told her to take her mace!

Of course it’s another Black woman why so surprised

Please retweet ! Please help us find her the clock is tickin right before your eyes!

Walking down these streets at night is a fine time to spot men

Some of them pale and some of them my kin

But skinmenship ain’t kinsmenship so I better watch my back

Cause those white vans?

They’ve plagued the streets worse than crack

I just want to take a stroll guys is that too much to ask

I’m sorry to even bother…I guess being a gentleman is such a hard a** task

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