365 Days of “Manstream” Society

White suprematist culture and rape culture go hand-in-hand in “manstream” society (image taken from google search ).

I cannot speak for all women, but I know that as a woman, especially as a smaller woman, I have a deeply rooted anxiety when I travel alone. Grocery stores have too many people for my comfort, and while walking around, I’m always afraid it would be easy for predators to sneak up on me in the crowd of people; gas stations don’t have enough witnesses for my comfort, so I clench my taser and pepper spray in one want and pump gas using the other. I worry about looking too good in public and unconsciously inviting predators to grope me. I worry that if I were to call out the guys who sexually harassed me and the guy who sexually assaulted me that I’d be another “Me Too” hashtag; his home boys will continue to support his dreams, and I will be wept under the rug. I worry that I, while walking alone, will be swept off my feet, kidnapped, and never to return to my family.

Women deserve to be able to express ourselves as openly and securely as we want without the constant state of anxiety this patriarchy has allowed to fester for many years. We live in a culture where mainstream/”manstream” society supports a man getting what a man wants. We live in a society where manstream profits off of a story line that says a man can do what he wants and a woman will submit to his very desires. He has way more room to grow and make mistakes. Harassing girls and women, violence, and hypermasculinity is a part of “just boys being boys.” We live in a manstream society where what happened to the woman in 365 is worthy of taking the top 10 spot on streaming platforms like Netflix while real women are still be traumatized, murdered, and trafficked in real life.

Netflix stood by the toxicity of patriarchy by releasing something as vile as 365 days onto their platform for millions of people to watch. It doesn’t take rocket science to understand that showcasing a movie that promotes the kidnaping of women, objectifying of women, and over sexualizing of women is something that should not be displayed. Manstream platforms like Netflix allow movies like 365 days to be streamed and remain streamed even when women are coming out saying this is not the tone that needs to be set in order to ensure the safety of the women of this society.

You can not have a section for the Black Lives Matter collection on your platform while simultaneously streaming movies that promote sex trafficking. Once again our movement is bigger than police brutality. It’s about ending all forms of white supremacy including the patriarchy and rape culture. 

During times of chattel slavery, slave masters would take advantage of Black enslaved women, rape them to ensalve their children while also trafficking these women to other slave masters. Times of chattel slavery profited off of rape, sex trafficking, and objectifying women, which is the same culture Netflix is promoting by streaming 365 Days and the same culture Black Lives Matter/Black Movements are working to dethrone.

 Yes, the woman in 365 Days fell in love with her kidnapper. It is called stockholm syndrome, and things like that happen to several women even though these women are in toxic situations. Men like the main character Massimo often prey on women who are vulnerable. Many of these women have already gone through some kind of trauma in their lives before they meet their abuser making them more suseptible to toxic situations and being fine with them. The kidnapped woman in the film, Laura, showed signs of issues in her relationship with her former boyfriend, Martin, before being kidnapped by Massimo where he convinces her that she will fall in love with him within 365 days, and if not, he will release her. Although this kind of twisted fantasy may seem like something that may be interesting to explore because it’s packaged so well, this is a story that promotes rape culture and sex trafficking nonetheless and should not be normalized. Just because Laura was vulnerable, just because a woman is alone in the street, does not mean she needs to be taken and stored in your home for your own personal use.

When women are ripped off the streets by men with the mindset of Massimo, a mindset that men deserve whatever they want despite the affect it may have on women, they don’t find a man that will buy them nice things, feed them nice food, and wait to have sex with them until the woman says he can. They are used as sex dolls, dehumanized, and trafficked to strangers as well as friends of the abuser. They are locked in rooms and given buckets to use when they have to use the restroom, and only summoned when it is of convenience to the abuser. Sex trafficking, rape culture, sexual harassment, and over all gender violence is no fairy tale and should not be promoted as such. 

Netflix, everyday that you stream and profit off of shows and films that promote sex trafficking such as 365 Days, you pick whose side you are on.


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