Chapter One, Page One, “Getting our Heads Back into the Motherland”

Vintage Juneteenth Free Ish Since 1965 Shirt
Juneteenth inspired t-shirt representing the liberation day for Afro-American’s while also illustrating there is a long way to go (Imagine from

The Woke Black Community (WBC) seems to always be at war with the Coming of Age Black community (CABC). When I say the WBC, I mean the Black people who classify themselves as constantly aware of the injustices that are happening to Black people in the United States and around the world. They have been conscious of the reality of Black people for quite some time. When I say the Coming of Age Black Community, I mean the Black people who are new to discovering the disheartening truth about the history of this country and are diving into it more deeply to pull the pieces together. They are new to how deep the oppression of Black people goes. 

Some of the members in the CABC are those who have entrusted in institutions that have lied to them and they are now discovering the truth. Some of these members grew up in homes where racial inequality was not the center of the conversation, and lived their lives how white suburbia does– either completely oblivious or ignoring it.

Some of the members in the WBC are those who are descendants of Activists. They grew up with pictures of Black faces, African history, and Black power posters hanging from their wall. Some may have been a part of the non woke Black community, which are those who are completely oblivious or choose to ignore the truth, and something flipped a switch in them at some point, making them do a full spiritual and mental 180 after realizing just how cool our ancestry really is. 

If you’re like any of the keyboard warriors on, Twitter you think the difference between being an O.G. WBC member matters a hell of a lot, but If you are anything like me, you are probably wondering why it even matters in the first place. Let’s just be honest with each other, Black people, it doesn’t matter how late you are to the conversation as long as you make a conscious effort to come to the table and speak. Issues like racial injustice will forever be a relevant topic to discuss until the entire Black community is on the same page, which is Chapter one, Page one, “Getting our Heads Back into the Motherland.” Every Black person on this earth has been colonized in some kind of way by the evil yet powerful wrath of white supremacy, and the only way we can combat that deeply rooted colonization is by remembering where we came from. Afrika, the place that was not run by white faces who have no interest in the betterment of the people who built empires, villages, and lives there.

There is no way that we can fight mental and physical colonization while fighting with each other about who started the race to becoming woke first. We cannot fight against modern day slavery while also upholding the mind sets that we must look at certain Black people as valuable and others as nothing but a gang of negros– a mind set that was planted in us since the chattel slavery house n*gger, field n*gger divide. Where is the love? They say love is wealth, and I’m trying to make my people wealthy. They say education is power, so let’s make our people powerful. There so no reason to compete against each other when we are fighting the same battle.

It’s time to put your egos aside. At the end of the day there’s a reason Black Power movements have failed in the past. They were full of a lot of flawed people, and some of these people did not have someone to put them in check when they needed to be, so here is my chance to right the wrongs of history. It’s not about whether one is coming of age or if they’ve “been woke” for quite some time. It’s about doing the work to liberate the people. The movement is bigger than us. No one is free until the Black race is free, which is a hard pill to swallow and accept. No one is free until my T-shirt changes from “Free-ish since 1865” to “Completely Free & F*ck white supremacy!”

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