Amerikkkan Nightmare

By Aura Shakhar

Flying across the city

Thinking of many

Thinking of those who didn’t make it

Those who saw the pile of pills and chose to take it

I’m screaming for help can you hear ?

I’m reaching for your hand are you near ?

Do you see me…

do you feel me…

do you love me…

The answer is no

You fly your flag high while my pride for the country stays low

I know that was a low blow

But do you really know what this country means to me

The lack of happiness, rights, and liberty

I can’t take a knee for the anthem but you can take a knee on my neck ?

Can’t sit in my own home without wondering if you will take my breath ?

Oh I get it…patriotic sh*t

Yet when you see a Black face all you can do to it is spit and beat and rob my culture and me of all humanity

I’m sure you wanna rise some bad images out your brain now so I’ll let that sink in

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